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The Worst Spy in the World

The gang talks with Monopoly expert and military historian, Phil Orbanes, about a World War Two spy codenamed “Top Hat” who betrayed England only to be undone by a femme fatale. Security chief Willy Clubb reads the gang’s latest fan mail. Plus, the Top 5 UFO movies that shouldn’t be re-booted, a new theory that makes time travel possible, and reports that the retired F-117 Stealth Fighter is flying again. Special guest: Literary agent to the stars, Jim Frenkel.

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Why ISN’T the Truth Out There?

The gang talks with UFO researcher Dr. Bob Gross about why, after decades of investigation by the military and by civilians, we are no closer to knowing what UFOs are. Also, Hollywood author Gary Olsen on the Top 10 Alien movies that should be re-booted. Plus, a visit from the Ghost Sisters. Special guest: Lois Lane.

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Are Ants From Outer Space?

The gang talks with Mike Stevens and Nomar Slevik about their collaboration on the book, “Granite Skies,” the true story of a lifetime of alien abductions. A discussion on whether ants, octopuses and jellyfish might be from other planets. Also, a report on what was happening in America in the two weeks before Roswell. Special guests: Agent X and Valerie the Empath.

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Super Mules of the Future

The gang discusses the U.S. Army’s plan to equip its troops with robotic mules. Matt Phillips from Jarhead Java on how his coffee company helps America’s veterans. Clubb reports on a possible UFO-link to the religious visions at Fatima. Plus, winners of the Goodreads “Battle of the Wingmen” free book giveaway are announced. Special guest: Lois Lane.

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Top Ten UFO Frauds, Redux

In one of the most requested rewind shows, the gang discusses the worst frauds in UFO history. Military expert Ross Sharp on the Mystery of Hitler’s Best Friend. Switch reports on non-alien humanoids seen at some UFO landing sites. Juan-Juan takes a walk down memory lane. Also, Bob the Ghost interrupts the show on-air. Special guest: Lois Lane.

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A Secrets of World War Two Special Broadcast: “The Spy in the Top Hat”

Phil Orbanes, the best Monopoly player in the world, tells the incredible story of how a Monopoly game led to four Russian spies being uncovered in the White House during World War Two. (Fans of codebreaking, have a paper and pencil ready.) Also, author Bob Jamison on his father exploits in 1945 Germany hunting Nazi scientists for NASA -- and his later connection to the JFK assassination. Plus, why the Germans & Japanese thought foo fighters were American secret weapons and Switch reports on a man who heard voices coming from his blowtorch. Special guest: Ella the Psychic.

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The Haunted B-52 & Other Strange Stories from the Vietnam War

The gang talks about several paranormal incidents reported during the Vietnam War, including a missing B-52 bomber found hidden deep in the jungle, undamaged, its crew dead. Dr. Bob Gross on how to reform UFO investigation techniques. Plus, Top Ten fan letters for Switchy. Special guests: Willy Clubb & Valerie the Empath.

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How Did Foo Fighters Get Their Name?

The gang discusses the origins of the Foo Fighters, World War II slang for UFOs. Author Micah Dank talks about his new book series, “Into The Rabbit Hole.” Switchblade on the Van Meter Incident. Ella the Psychic selects the six winners of the big Mack Maloney free book giveaway. Agent X mixes up Chiclets with Tic Tacs. Special Guest: Canadian Superfan Pam Chudoba.

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