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Why are UFOs Haunting a Small Oregon Town?

In the latest compilation show, the
Best of Commander Cobra & Willy Clubb, the gang discusses topics such as: whether the first moon landing was faked, why a small town in Oregon is hearing strange ghostly noises, the dos and donts of talking
to aliens on the phone and how a secret Nazi base was discovered near the North Pole. Plus, Cobra details his apprehension and trial stemming from landing on the wrong runway at a top-security military
base and why fans continue to send Juan-Juan adult toys for Christmas. Also, a musical selection from the band, Sky Club. (Contains adult content.)

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Attack of the UFO Robots – A True Story

In a compilation show featuring the best of Switchblade Steve Ward, topics include a battle between bow hunters and aliens with ray guns, why 1973 was called the “Year of the Humanoids,” Top Ten UFO Myths, news that a UFO-themed Broadway musical is in the works, UFO Giants spotted in Israel & the time William Shatner flipped out on Valentine’s Day. Special guests: Ella the Psychic, Emily M & Superfan Barbara With. 

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The Day The Saucers Arrived On Time

The gang discusses what really happened during the famous 1951 UFO sightings called The Lubbock Lights. Also, the real Noah’s Ark may have been found, how a ‘paranormal fog’ saved George Washington’s Army & Mack’s remedy for writer’s block. Plus, Top 5 bad jokes about the gang. (Contains adult content.) 

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The 4000-pound Cookie

In a very special show, the gang plays World War Two trivia in honor of our wounded veterans and the military charity, Homes for Our Troops. Sample questions: What kind of cookie weighs 4,000 pounds? What famous spy had a wooden leg? What pilot shot down more than 400 planes during World War Two?  At the end of the game, the names of four winning fans are picked from the Magic Fishbowl. Also, 10 reasons why the Gray Aliens will land on Earth before Christmas, plus a surprise musical performance by the rock band, Sky Club. Special guests: General Tom Landwermeyer, Monopoly expert Phil Orbanes & literary agent, Jim Frenkel. 

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The Movie Star Who Invented a Torpedo

The gang talks to Dr. Simeon Hein about some astonishing examples of ESP & Remote Viewing. Raven does a remote broadcast from the gang’s adopted American Legion Post in Endicott, NY. Plus, famous women in the military and Lonely Larry’s unsuccessful search for a McRib sandwich.  Special Guest, Legion Post Commander Mike Coleman.

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Spy vs Spy vs Spy

The gang talks to former U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence officers Scott O’Connell and Agent X about their real-life adventures trailing Russian spies around Berlin at the height of the Cold War. Also, Mack gets crystal-balled by Raven, more bizarre aircraft fails, Switch reports on aliens wearing pajamas and five ways UFO Mechanic Al Renaldo would break up a noisy party. 

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Pudding Pops From Outer Space

The best of the gang’s bits, skits and Top Ten lists. Switch’s favorite breakfasts. How Juan-Juan would have won World War Two. Why the Romans ate mouse pancakes. Why it’s cool to be Canadian. The tale of the human doughnut. Funny fan letters from Germany and who was Nips Galore?

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A Very Disturbing Halloween

The gang goes full spooky in this special show for All Hallows Eve. Willy Clubb reports on UFO incidents that happened on Halloween. Lois Lane recounts five bizarre military incidents that cannot be explained. Author Valerie LoFaso talks about her three-book series of ghost stories. Lonely Larry recalls a frightening encounter during a visit to Tijuana. Plus, a discussion about the Slenderman Myth and the tragic events it has spawned.

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