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Return of The Worst Spy in the World

The gang talks with Monopoly expert and military historian, Phil Orbanes, about a World War Two spy codenamed “Top Hat” who betrayed England only to be undone by a femme fatale. Security chief Willy Clubb reads the gang’s latest fan mail. Plus, the Top 5 UFO movies that shouldn’t be re-booted, a new theory that makes time travel possible, and reports that the retired F-117 Stealth Fighter is flying again. Reboot episode. Special guests:  Jill Hanson and literary agent to the stars, Jim Frenkel.

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UFOs, Aliens & the NASA Conspiracy

The gang discusses whether an alien conspiracy is behind many of NASA’s greatest failures. Also, Switch on The Cussac Devils of France, the four creepiest YouTube videos of the month and why the U.S. military once used grizzly bears to test jet fighter ejection seats. Special guests, Kim & Sara Scheie & Pistol Pete Falconi.

1. ...18 minutes in cave researcher and sounds just creepy

2. ...6 mins in found camera of dude in catacombs Paris .....goosebumps .

3. ...11:48 sea critter ...has been shared everywhere ....very short

4.  ...8:45 church ghost guys reaction is genuine ....👌

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The Ghost Who Solved Her Own Murder

The gang discusses a wide range of paranormal topics. Raven on the ghost who solved her own murder.  Switch on UFO prankster, Gray Barker. Clubb with a Doomsday Asteroid Report. Plus, ten best pick-ups lines by the Black-Eyed Kid and further reviews of the UFO horror movie, “Nope.”  (Warning: Adult Content.)

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UFOs, Bigfoot & Aliens with Pink Eyes

In a jam packed show the gang talks to UFO research/disco king Paul Dean Roberts about five top-secret photographs he saw of UFOs in Earth’s orbit. Switch on the most bizarre UFO/Bigfoot encounter ever. Clubb on the Government’s attempts to keep Killer Asteroid information from the public. Plus, Juan-Juan tours the ten most haunted inns in the UK, a review of the new UFO movie, “Nope” and Raven reveals why she’s a “Fruity Pebbles Girl.”

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UFOs, Ghosts & the Halloween Asteroid

The gang celebrates the spooky season by telling ghost stories and reliving memories of Halloweens gone bad. Also, when a heavenly body known as the Halloween Asteroid almost hit the Earth. Dr. Bob Gross on spending the night inside a haunted funeral home. Switch on the strangest Men in Black encounter ever. Raven on attending a Halloween party that turned into a brawl & why Mack will never dress up as The Flash. Special guests, author Marc Zappulla and the Black-Eyed Kid. (Warning: Adult Content.)

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Top Ten UFO Myths

In a highly requested show, the gang presents segments on Top 10 UFO Myths, the Mystery of the Green Fireballs and what dreams might mean for you and your sex life.  Also, adult-themed outtakes, blooper ads and JJ tries to sing “Mack The Knife.” Special Guests: Jill Hanson & Lois Lane.

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When Soldiers See UFOs

The gang talks to video game producer Greg Masto about the future of Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality. What does Queen Elizabeth look like in Heaven? Can Juan-Juan play guitar with the Rolling Stones?  Can Switch grow real hair in VR? Also, the man who talked to his acetylene torch, a bizarre Einstein theory called “Spooky Action at a Distance” is proven and a call for amnesty for any U.S. military service member threatened with loss of benefits if they reported seeing a UFO. Special guest: Ollie Masto.

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Angels, Ghosts & UFOs

The gang talks about why angels & ghosts are sometimes spotted near UFO sightings.  Clubb reports on the latest in the government’s look into UFOs. Winners of the free “God Satellite” book giveaway are announced. Plus, Top Four strangest You Tube clips of the month, why it’s okay to ask a ghost for privacy when taking a shower in a haunted house and a look back at the Killer Clown craze. Special guest: The Mysterious Ashley G.

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