Run With the Pros

 Do you have a blog radio show that is ready to go pro? Are you a pro that wants to get back in the game? Many are called, Some are chosen... Here is what is take to be among those who Prosper!

Radioactive Broadcasting  is a content production company that has the production and platform you need to begin a show or to take your show to the next level. Radio and TV shows maximize business exposure adding a whole new level of promotion and marketing...while we do the lion’s share of the work!

Radioactive Broadcasting is a content partner to iTunes, Tune IN and Stitcher along with ...

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How You Can Run With The Pros


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"Since starting with Radioactive my show has helped me connect with SO many celebrities and comp media passes for events I wanted to attend and broadcast from! I have been asked to be a guest speaker and had people I would never have met on my show. This IS the business builder tool I have waited for!" 

Joe McKee, Talk Radio Roadshow


The Internet is no longer the Wild Wild West. In traditional radio the standard measurement has been Arbitron. In Internet the question of measurement is still evolving. There are many measuring devices and frankly most media will use the one that makes them look the best. It really doesn't matter what the network matters what YOUR show draws to make you a success!

As for measurement tools....some use Alexia (the site that ranks web sites)... however you can have a web site that has a great ranking  from years of shows that people are clicking onto. It may mean that that site has one or two shows with large followings and many others with smaller ones.. It may mean that network has many many new and old shows archived.

Want to get a good idea...ask the hosts at the network what their numbers are, how long they have been on the air and their feedback with how the network is helping them GROW! Just because a network has large numbers does not mean YOUR new show will have those numbers.  There is a difference between hamburger and steak and an even bigger difference in prime meat.  Go to any Internet radio site and listen to a show at random...listen to many shows.... evaluate the sound, the content and the quality.

At Radioactive Broadcasting we are interested in radio business partners who want to give an audience something to listen and talk about! We use numerous platforms and continue to place shows where they best belong. Just like TV we try to position a strong show before a new show to get it rolling. We promote heavily with social media and we look for marketing partners who attract strong audiences. We provide professionals who help you every step of the way and we give you the opportunity to get your toes wet while we are there as lifeguard. The success of the show is a good story,audience and great delivery!


If your show is accepted for the Radioactive Broadcasting Network you will be among the World's most Innovative broadcasters.  We search out partners who want to create great talk radio and if you think you are that on!

As a  partner you will be assigned a production coordinator who will be available via email or phone to guide you through the process of setting up a show, setting and confirming guests, doing social media, securing media credentials and more. You will be a part of the host community and welcome to join a host chat.

To be considered for Radioactive, please submit an outline of your show's topic, content and an idea of who you propose as guests for your first few shows.  If you have an air check please send it. If you do not we will create it with you.

APPROVED SHOW HOSTS set up fee includes the equipment ready to interface with your computer to get your show up and running!

Internet Radio, Terrestrial Radio, or TV...we have many options and opportunities. 


Take Your Show to the Next Level 


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