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Quentin & the Cupcakes

Mack, Juan-Juan & Switchblade Steve talk to Navy veteran Matt Silberman about paranormal incidents he witnessed during his time in the military. Switchblade explains how he selects topics for his “Tales from the Fringe” segments. Also, the gang has an update on their appearance at the Exeter UFO Festival, plus Ten Questions for Juan-Juan. Special Guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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In one of the most requested shows, Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with correspondent Emily M about her investigation into West Virginia’s Flatwoods Monster, possibly the best looking cryptid ever. Also, special guest: Special Agent Chris Ahr of the (real) NCIS. Cindy Bailey Dove on sex drones, Switchblade Steve on John Keel, plus Pistol Pete and 10 Questions for Juan-Juan featuring Lois Lane.

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Area 51, S-4 and The Rods of God

In a special episode, Mack, Juan-Juan & Switchblade Steve discuss the facts and the myths surrounding Area 51. Also, Cindy Bailey Dove on the new wave of drones controlled by artificial intelligence. Plus, 10 Questions for Juan-Juan, Irish edition. Special guest: Meaghan Reagan

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Did NASA Fake the Moon Landings Because the Earth is Flat?

Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch talk to Lee Austin about his controversial theories on NASA. Exeter UFO Festival honcho Brian Wahl stops by to talk about the gang’s upcoming appearance at the festival. Plus UK Correspondent Ross Sharp on the fastest airplane in World War Two. Special guest: Agent X.

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Bringing Jimi Hendrix Back To Life

Mack, Juan-Juan & Switchblade Steve talk to Hollywood producer Gary Shoefield about his documentary “Alien Autopsy” and bringing famous deceased celebrities back from the grave via holographic technology. Also, Hollywood publicist Heather Burgett talks about her grandfather who was a hero B-17 pilot in World War Two. Plus , Ten Questions for Juan-Juan, British edition. Special guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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SPECIAL SUMMER EDITION: "The Best of Commander Cobra"

This highly requested show reprises MMMX co-host Commander Cobra’s greatest on-air reports. Conspiracies, Flying Tacos and more.

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SPECIAL SUMMER EDITION: The Best of Switchblade Steve

This highly requested show reprises MMMX National Correspondent Switchblade Steve Ward's greatest on-air reports. UFOs, Men-in-Black, Mothman, Loch Ness and more.

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Once Again...NOTHING Happened at Roswell

Mack, Juan-Juan and Switchblade Steve talk to UFO researcher Dr. Bob Gross about how it was impossible that a UFO crashed at Roswell. Switch reports on The Vegetable Man. Plus, Ten Questions for Juan-Juan and the Big Mack Trivia Contest continues. Special Guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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Mack, Juan-Juan & Switchblade Steve talk to Experiencer Barbara With about her encounters with a man who could make anchors float. Cindy Bailey Dove on the world’s most frightening drone. Switchblade Steve with a bizarre Men in Black episode. Plus, Ten Questions for Juan-Juan and Week 2 of the Big Mack Trivia contest. Special guest: Meaghan Reagan.

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MMMX Goes Hollywood

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with Dan Lux, UFO author and Hollywood producer, about how to get a UFO show on TV. Switchblade Steve on foo fighters in the Pacific during World War Two. Emily M does Ten Questions for Juan-Juan, plus the kick off of the Big Mack Trivia Contest. Special guest: Nurse Kayla.

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In one of MMMX's most requested episode, Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra regroup to discuss the Secrets of the SR-71 Blackbird spy airplane. Dr. Lira reveals how best to find “Cosmic Love” in the Age of the Jetsons. Special guest paranormal author Tim Swartz & the gang talk about UFOs, pebbles from another dimension, the true meaning of “festive cans” and the difference between seeing a ghost and a UFO.

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In one of the most controversial MMMX episodes ever, Mack, Juan-Juan, Agent X and Switchblade Steve moderate a no-holds-barred discussion between CIA agent Jason Hanson and the mysterious Sandy Zhang who may or may not be a Chinese government spy. Special guests: Pistol Pete, Nurse Kayla & Meaghan Reagan.

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