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World War 2 Vet Salute, Turkey on Rye & Putting the ESP in Espionage

Mack and Juan-Juan salute a recently-departed WW2 veteran; Rob Beckhusen on the Turkish Coup, Switchblade Steve with a new theory on the Roswell Crash, Commander Cobra on the Army's ESP studies and why you shouldn't take rocks from the Gettysburg Battlefield. Also the Commander's daughter stops by.

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City of Snipers, Mack Meets the Sopranos & Hans Solo Dies at the end of the Movie

Mack & Juan-Juan talk to Dallas-native Rob Beckhusen of War Is Boring about the recent shooting of five police officers in Dallas. Also, Kid Movie Reviews, Switchblade Steve on UFOs behaving badly in Brazil, Mack meets a Soprano-type and Commander Cobra calls in from the Moon.

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Mack in the Shack, Chuck's Noodle-Fry and the CIA's Giant Claw

Mack returns from 3 weeks of writing his book in a cabin on a lake where he encounters not solitude by black helicopters, a haunted refrigerator and a lake monster, maybe. Also Rob Beckhusen with Iran's Baby Buggy Tank, Deana Joy talks with Chuck Stansburge about his latest UFO adventure, Switchblade Steve on the Ghost Rockets and Commander Cobra on the Mystery of the Glo-Ma Explorer.

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Look Out, He's Got a Knife... *Special Broadcast*

The Best of Switchblade Steve. The top UFO reports of 2016 from our field correspondent, Switchblade Steve Ward.

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Revisiting the Coyne Incident, Disappearing Paratroopers & Tony The Tiger in High Heels

In this encore presentation, Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with Switchblade Steve Ward about the Coyne Incident, one of the best documented UFO encounters of all time. Plus, Rob Beckhusen on the case of the disappearing paratroopers, Operation Distant Thunder on strange aircraft spotted over Nevada and a discussion on whether Tony the Tiger is a cross-dresser.

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Et tu, Juan-Juan?

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk to war reporter Benedetta Argentiere on the frontlines in Iraq and Syria, "Bookie to the Stars" Bill Mazzili comments on reports of alien manipulation in sports betting, Nancy Two Turtles on the proper way to talk to an alien on the phone; Chuck Stansberge on his latest adventure in the on-going Galactic War; Switchblade Steve talks about UFOs behaving badly in Brazil, and Cobra on a 1930s plan by some of America's elite to stage a coup in America and overthrow FDR. First show on the new Distant Thunder Radio Network.

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99% Terror, 1% Boredom

*Special Show* -- Weird weapons, strange military stories, airplanes that vanish, a report from Iraq. The Greatest Hits from "War Is Boring" are featured in this show. Check out warisboring.com

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The Trillion Dollar Mistake

*Special Show* Mack, Juan-Juan. Cobra and Rob Beckhusen of "War is Boring," talk about America's latest jet fighter, the F-35 Lightning II and how some say US taxpayers paid more than $1 trillion for a plane that doesn't fly. Also, Juan-Juan reports on the mysterious town of Ong's Hat, New Jersey and Switchblade Steve Ward tells the story of a top official in the RAF making contact with aliens.

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Haunted Military Hospitals, the Wakefield Monster & What it’s like to be Beautiful in Hollywood, Part 2

Mack & Juan-Juan talk to Samantha Waranch, PR exec in charge of SciFest-LA, about live science fiction performances and how to date a movie star. Rob Beckhusen on the US military killing its own citizens, Author Richard Estep on the most haunted military hospital in the world, and Commander Cobra talks to Researcher Steve Melito about the little-known Wakefield Monster case.

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The Central Park UFO Crash & the Great Sci-Fest Love Fest

Mack & Juan-Juan talk to actress Angeline Rose Troy about what it's like to be beautiful in Hollywood. Rob Beckhusen on the war in Syria, Switchblade Steve on a little-known UFO crash in New York's Central Park, and Operation Distant Thunder on scaring the Viet Cong by broadcasting tapes of ghosts crying. Plus, Commander Cobra gets his noodle cooked by psychic Deana Joy in "Ten Minutes of Joy."

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Invade Poland and Call Me in the Morning

Mack & Juan-Juan talk to Rob Beckhusen about the mysterious retirement of the Stealth fighter, Switchblade Steve reports on what the U.S. military knew about Bigfoots killed during the Mount St Helen's eruption, Futurist Gray Scott on the chances of war with Russia in the next five years, Commander Cobra on how Nazi medical breakthroughs keep us all alive and more on the CIA's TV cooking show.

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Star Trek, Bomb-Sniffing Elephants and The Mysterious Case of Agent X

A Very Special Show... Mack & Cobra talk to Rob Beckhusen about more wacky military weapons, Star Trek's "Tuvok," (aka actor Tim Russ) calls in to chat, Switchblade Steve reports on a ghostly RAF pilot, more news about a TV cooking show funded by the CIA, and special in-studio guest Agent X, former Army Intelligence offcier and currently working with America's three-letter government agencies, has no answer when asked if he ever saw any evidence of UFOs during his black ops career

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