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Mosquitoes, Clowns & the Dawn of the Beautiful One

Mack & Cobra talk to RAF pilot Ross Sharp about rebuilding an unusual WW2 aircraft. Rob Beckhusen on Russia's Giant Tank; Switchblade Steve reports on a UFO sighting witnessed by 30,000 Ozzy Osborne fans. Plus, the Cobra-Juan-Juan feud deepens after Juan-Juan demands to be called The Beautiful One and a letter complaining about Mack is read on-air.

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EXCLUSIVE: Now We Know What Washington Would Do If They Found a UFO

Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra disscuss a startling revelation made by one of the show's intelligence contacts. Also, Rob Beckhusen on Who Let The Dogs Out in Dallas; Switchblade Steve on the classic Wales UFO flap. Plus, a Cobra vs Juan Juan feud erupts.

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# Clowns Lives Matter

Mack, Juan-Juan & Cobra discuss the rash of creepy clown sightings across America. Rob Beckhusen reports on all-clown units in the US military. Switchblade Steve recalls past creepy clown sightings. In-studio guest Agent X denies the clown sightings are a government conspiracy and Mrs Cobra reveals her fear of clowns goes back to an unfortunate jack-in-the-box incident. Also, Kathleen Marden on the famous Barney & Betty Hill UFO mystery.

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Stuff You Don't Want To Know

Mack & Juan-Juan talk to Washington insider Bill Wisecarver about how the US Government would really handle contact with aliens; Rob Beckhusen talks about the packs of rabid, man-eating dogs, 9000 dogs in all, currently roaming South Dallas. Commander Cobra calls in from Highway 80 in Nevada as he is towing a mysterious cargo to the highly-secret Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. Switchblade Steve on why the Men in Black were riding in golfcarts at the recent Mothman Festival.

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Why Do So Many Strange Things Happen in New Hampshire?

Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra discuss the overabundance of weird things that have occurred in the Granite State over the years. UFO Researcher Ryan Mullahy, Correspondents Rob Beckhusen and Switchblade Steve join the conversation. Craft whiskey sponsor and Iraq war veteran Kevin Kurland stops by with a gift for the gang.

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UFOs, Clowns & Weird Dating in Antarctica

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk to Rob Beckhusen about how one spy managed to ruin Russia's Air Force. Juan-Juan reports on the Exeter NH UFO conference, Switchblade Steve reports on creepy clowns. Plus, Cobra reveals he once ran a love-connection show for lesbians in Antarctica.

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Encore Performance -- Early Stolen Valor, the Gander UFO Incident & More

A potpourri of subjects are discussed on this show from March, 2016.

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SPECIAL SHOW -- Has SETI Found Intelligent Life in the Hercules Constellation?

In a special presentation. Mack & the crew discuss the report that an astonishingly powerful energy signal has been detected coming from a planet 95 light-years from Earth. The Hercules Mystery Signal is so strong, many scientists believe it could not be created by natural means. Featuring Pistol Pete, Juan-Juan, Commander Cobra, Rob Beckhusen, Switchblade Steve and author William Stillman.

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Special Show -- "The Best of Commander Cobra"

The name says it all. Highlights of Commander Cobra interviews plus special excerpts from Operation Distant Thunder conspiracy investigations

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SPECIAL SHOW -- The Mystery of TWA 800, Twenty Years Later.

Two hours devoted to the events surrounding the bizarre crash of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island, New York in July 1996. Was there a bomb on-board? Did a terrorist missile shoot it down? Were UFOs involved? Or did the U.S. Navy blow it out of the sky? Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra join Agent X, Rob Beckhusen and Switchblade Steve in a roundtable discussion of various TWA 800 conspiracy theories. Investigative reporter & author Jack Cashill joins the conversation in the second hour.

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Mystery Soldiers, a Traitor named Snowden, Stolen Valor & Mu

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with war correspondent Benedetta Argentieri about foreign soldiers fighting ISIS and the mysterious reasons they do it. Mellanie Cadwell on the Rountree Stolen Valor Case, Musician Merrell "Wipe Out" Fankhauser on bizarre signals coming from under the sea off Malibu and Cobra's Conspiracy report on rumors that traitor Edward Snowden is dead.

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A Case Better than Roswell, UFO Dogfight Over UK (Part 2), Switchblade's Noodle Fry and Did Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner Ever Fly a B-58 Bomber?

Mack, Cobra and Deana Joy talk to Scott & Suzanne Ramsey about the Aztec UFO Crash, Cobra updates the story of a UFO dogfight over England, Deana probes Switchblade Steve's "inner tiger," and what do Caitlyn Jenner and a B-58 Hustler have in common?

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