Friday, 26 October 2018 22:18

Stem Cell Treatment New World of Regenerative Medicine

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What if we can repair ourselves? The world of regenerative medicine is offering breakthrough treatments and hope for patients around the globe. Dr. Elliot Lander is currently involved in cutting edge translational stem cell treatment research at the California Stem Cell Treatment Center based in Rancho Mirage Ca Dr. Lander joins Jack to talk about the growth of stem cell treatment and the impact it can have on Veterans. Dr Lander is a founding member of the International Cell Surgical Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to research and education regarding the medical use of adult stem cells. Dr. Lander and his team of multispecialty experts were instrumental in bringing fat derived stem cell technology to the United States in 2010 and have pioneered several new techniques in regenerative medicine. Dr. Lander is co-founder of Cell Surgical Network, an international research network dedicated to developing cell surgical techniques studying the clinical applications of adipose derived stem cells and growth factors. Research affiliate physicians trained by the Cell Surgical Network team can be found in many U.S. cities and all around the world. The Cell Surgical Network organization oversees an online regenerative medicine database to track clinical outcomes and adverse events from stem cell treatment centers all over the globe. Dr. Lander is co-author of The Stem Cell Revolutiona popular book on regenerative medicine.

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