Monday, 01 October 2018 03:58

9 Week Warrior

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Jack talks with Ben and Chondra Brown

Brown served as an officer in Iraq, leading a platoon of soldiers, some of whom had been in the Army longer than he was alive. Brown deployed in 2004 and was in Iraq for 15 months straight--he led extremely tough missions that involved removing roadside bombs, enduring daily detonations on his vehicle and patrol. In one incident, he lost his driver after an IED exploded and his patrol came under a small arms fire ambush; in another he had to pull his squad leader out of a burning Bradley assault vehicle. His squad leader survived but he lost his leg.

After he got out of the military in 2010, Brown struggled with flashbacks and PTSD and at his lowest point was considering suicide. He credits his wife Chondra as being his “angel,” helping to pull him out of his darkest depths, building him back up and finding his “why” in his family. He has six children and is devoted to coaching his kids’ sports teams and volunteering at R. Roger Rowe, where he attended himself and his mother Barbara was a teacher for 37 years. 

Now Ben and his wife run 9 Week Warrior , 9 Week Warrior is open to Everyone. There is no cost to Active Duty, Veterans, or 1st Responders. 20% of the proceeds from all purchases along with Donations go to sponsoring Active Duty, Veteran or 1st responder’s participation in 9 Week Warrior program. 

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