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Barbara Beach.


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In a very special re-broadcast, Commander Cobra joins Mack and Juan-Juan while flying a test mission for a defense contractor, 10,500 feet above the Atlantic. Guests include “The Dairy Queen UFO Guy” aka Larry Simpson talking about his infamous UFO encounter. Switchblade Steve on the recent Monster Bash convention; Emily M on the ghosts of the Little Big Horn. Also featured, “Ten More Questions for Juan-Juan,” and a special segment from the MMMX-Files archive.

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Why is England so Haunted?

In another Coco-free episode, Mack and Juan-Juan talk with RAF expert Ross Sharp about famous military ghost stories from the British Isles. Also Switchblade Steve and Emily M report on the recent Mothman Festival, plus 10 More Questions for Juan-Juan. Special guests, UFO Mechanic Al Renaldo and love guru Dr. Lira.

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Mack, Juan-Juan & Commander Cobra explore the little-known story about America’s top-secret “Suicide Squadrons.” Also, special guest, author & researcher John Tenney along with Switchblade Steve & Emily M. Plus, another “10 Questions for Juan-Juan,” and Cobra explains why helicopters make so much noise.

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The Secret Behind The Space Force

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with researcher Mary Joyce about the behind-the-scenes reasons why some are calling for creation of a Space Force. Switchblade Steve Ward with more “Tales from the Fringe.” Two special episodes of Coco’s Corner, plus “Ten More Questions for Juan-Juan.” Special guests Agent X and Cindy Bailey Dove.

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Return of the Caspian Sea Monster

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with RAF expert Ross Sharp about Russia’s latest secret weapons. Researcher Christopher O’Brien on the high strangeness of the San Luis Valley. Switchblade Steve with another classic story from the Fringe. Also, “Ten Questions for Juan-Juan,” with special guest, Dr. Lira.

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The Underlying Pattern of Paranormal Events

Mack, Juan-Juan & Commander Cobra talk with Switchblade Steve Ward about the theory that paranormal events may not be random but might happen in a precise, orderly fashion. Cobra on the mystery of why England gave Communist Russia the best jet fighter of the Cold War. Also, 10 More Questions for Juan-Juan. Guests include Dr. Lira, Emily M & the Black Eyed Kid.

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Bizarre Weapons of the Future

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with RAF expert Ross Sharp about fantastic weaponry coming in the next 20 years, including the Rail Gun, the “baby” Space Shuttle and the frightening “Rods of God.” Plus, Emily M on the haunting of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, Switchblade Steve Ward with more “Tales from the Fringe,” and Ten More Questions for Juan-Juan.

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On the Trail of Ancient Astronauts

Mack, Juan-Juan & Commander Cobra talk with Brian Foerster about his adventures leading scientific expeditions to some of the most mysterious places on Earth including Peru’s Machu Picchu, the ancient city of Cusco and the “prehistoric airport” at Nazca. Plus, Switchblade Steve Ward with another episode of “Tales from the Fringe and “10 Questions for Juan-Juan. “ Guest star: Pistol Pete.

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In a first-ever event, the MMMX Files show is broadcast before a live studio audience. Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra are joined by guests Lois lane, Superfan Barbara With, No Belly Button Man, Agent X, the Ghost of JFK, Dr Lira, UFO funnyman Phil Yebba, famous author Marc Zappulla and many more.

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The Mystery of the Flatwoods Monster

Mack, Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra talk with correspondent Emily M about her investigation into West Virginia’s Flatwoods Monster, possibly the best looking cryptid ever. Also, special guest: Special Agent Chris Ahr of the (real) NCIS. Cindy Baily Dove on sex drones, Switchblade Steve on John Keel, plus Pistol Pete and 10 Questions for Juan-Juan featuring Lois Lane.

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SPECIAL REPORT: The 411 Disappearances

Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra join in a special 1-hour report by Emily Em and Switchblade Steve on a string of baffling missing person cases that have taken place in U.S. National Parks. Up to 1600 people might have vanished over the years on these federal lands – were they abducted by aliens or is there a more earthly explanation? Also, 10 Questions for Juan-Juan and a brief visit from spiritualists Brad &Kasey. Special guest: UFO Mechanic Al Renaldo.

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The Strange Case of a Being Named Julius

Mack, Juan-Juan and Cobra talk to guests Brad & Casey about their contact with a being from another level of existence named Julius. Switchblade Steve with more “Classics from the Fringe.” Ten Questions for Mack. More fall-out from the TV Show Show. Plus, Emily M calls in and Cobra explains why it’s never wise to wrestle with a pig.

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